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Tax time checklist: Are you ready?

Get the most out of your tax return this year. You never know where you might be missing opportunities unless you talk to the experts. Here’s a list to get you started:


  • Income
    Payment summaries from each employer you have worked for since 1 July 2015 including Centrelink for Newstart, Youth Allowance, Parenting, Pensions etc.
  • Vehicle and travel expenses
    You can claim vehicle and other travel expenses directly connected with your work, however, private travel is not deductible.
  • Donations
    Donations of $2 or more to an approved charitable organisation is tax deductible with a receipt.
  • Tools and equipment
    The cost of tools and equipment used in connection with your work; power tools, computers and software are just some of the deductible items.
  • Fees
    If you pay annual fees for union membership or registration to a professional body you are entitled to claim a deduction.
  • Uniforms
    Purchases of compulsory uniform, protective or occupational-specific clothing are deductible, excluding everyday clothing.
  • Laundry
    Laundry and dry cleaning of work uniforms and clothing. For laundry costs less than $150 you don’t need records to substantiate your claim.
  • Safety
    Safety and protective items such as boots, protective clothing and sun protection.
  • Self-education costs
    You can claim a deduction for self-education expenses if your study is work related or if you receive a taxable bonded scholarship.
  • Home office
    If you use part of your home principally or solely for work purposes, a portion of certain costs can be claimed.
  • Training
    The cost of seminars, courses, conferences and workshops can be claimed.
  • Meal allowance
    If you receive a meal allowance you can claim a deduction up to set ATO limits provided meal expenditure is actually incurred in connection with your work.
  • Income protection insurance
    You are entitled to a tax deduction for insurance premiums paid against the loss of income. This does not include life insurance, unfortunately.
  • Tax agent fees
    Don’t forget that our tax agent fees paid during the year are also an allowable tax deduction.
    For your benefit we’ve provided a comprehensive checklist to print that’ll have you organised in no time.

Tax Return ChecklistThe list is not exhaustive of all the deductions available to individuals, rather it is a general guide of common deductions. Please ensure you have evidence for all deductions claimed.

Click the image to view our extensive checklist. If you use the services of AFS & Associates you will receive a significant extension of time to lodge your income tax return beyond the ordinary due date of 31 October.

For any questions or further information, please contact Jacob or any tax services professionals to assist with your tax questions and your 2016 tax return.