AFS & Associates and Venture Financial Advisers work together to help you plan for your future to reach your financial goals. We highly recommend the team at Venture Financial Advisers for financial planning.

Whatever your circumstances, Venture Financial Advisers can help you set and achieve your wealth and lifestyle goals with a comprehensive range of services to help you create, manage and protect your wealth, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

  • Wealth accumulation — in consultation with you, we can create a personalised investment portfolio to help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.
  • Retirement planning — we can help you reach the lifestyle you aspire to in retirement and can also structure your finances to maximise any Centrelink benefits.
  • Risk insurance — risk insurance is an important part of any wealth strategy as it protects you and your family – no matter what happens.
  • Superannuation — superannuation is a great way to maximise your retirement savings.
  • Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) — investment and administrative advice relating to the management of SMSFs.
  • Pension and allowance maximisation — we can help you structure your finances to maximise Centrelink benefits.
  • Estate planning — working in conjunction with your solicitor, we can help ensure your assets pass smoothly to the right people and in the most tax-effective manner.
  • Stockbroking – access to buying and selling shares — shares can play an important part in any wealth accumulation strategy.
  • Investment advice, review, implementation and reporting — we can provide you with initial advice, implementation of your wealth strategies, ongoing review to make sure your plan is still suitable, and thorough yet easy-to-read reports on your investments.
  • Redundancy advice — if you’re about to receive a payout (or already have received one), we can help you maximise the effectiveness of your payout and prepare for your next job.
  • Referrals — we offer referrals to a range of other professional consultants, giving you a holistic service.

Through our relationship with Venture Financial Advisers, we also give you access to accounting services that are integrated with your overall financial plan.


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