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For graduates and undergraduates

As one of the largest accounting firms in regional Victoria, AFS recruit a number of graduates, undergraduates and interns each year.

We offer exposure to a variety of clients and work experiences, as well as ongoing professional development.

Employer of the Year

We are very proud to have been awarded Employer of the Year at the From the Trenches - Real Life in the Accounting Industry - Australian Accounting Industry Awards 2022!

Ellaine's experience

Ellaine works at AFS while studying for her Masters in Accounting at La Trobe University. As an international student, the ability to work in Bendigo alongside her studies offered an opportunity to gain local insight and the flexibility AFS makes available to students has helped Ellaine achieve a balance between study and work.

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Dylan's experience

Dylan joined AFS when seeking a larger firm so he could work amongst more peers, form study groups and enjoy flexible working. He especially values the flexible working hours option where AFS allows team members to choose their work hours anytime between 7 am – 7 pm, Dylan uses this policy to optimise his study schedule.

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Graduate opportunities

Our graduate positions and internships are flexible with full time and part time hours to suit.

You would be joining a busy, successful workplace where you will be more than just a number cruncher. As a graduate you will be offered a high degree of challenge, training, variety and involvement.

We want you to bring your willingness to learn, energy and integrity into our business. We offer all graduates exposure to a variety of clients and work experiences in their first year, as well as ongoing professional development.

We seek degree qualifications in:

✔ Accounting
✔ Business
✔ Management
✔ Commerce
✔ Finance.

Undergraduate opportunities

We offer positions for first, second, and third year students who have yet to graduate from their studies, providing them with valuable insight, experience and opportunity to learn on the job.

Our undergraduate accountant opportunities offer a unique learning experience for students to balance study and work, while having the support of the AFS team.

We seek those working towards a degree qualifications in:

✔ Accounting
✔ Business
✔ Management
✔ Commerce
✔ Finance.

Internship opportunities

Our internships are an opportunity to gain industry work experience while you’re still studying.

  • learn about AFS’ diverse business areas and the type of work we do for our clients
  • develop connections with your nominated mentor and Buddy, who is a peer in your team
  • network with people at all levels of our Firm and in particular with current graduates
  • participate in professional development and on the job learning through delivering work services our clients.
  • build strong relationships through networking opportunities.

Why join us?



Professional development

Focus on wellbeing

Community focused

Competitive salary

Our team were asked
What is the best thing about AFS' culture?

  • "I have found AFS to be a fantastic place to work, I have felt valued, and found everyone to be really supportive. This helped me to settle in really quickly. I feel very lucky to be working at AFS."
  • "The enthusiasm of employees in the workplace is infectious which makes it an enjoyable environment to work in."
  • "Everyone shares a common goal and is willing to help out others when required."
  • "Everything about AFS' culture is good but best for me is probably the inclusiveness. You really feel part of one big community."
  • "The sense of being part of a great team. Can seek feedback informally from colleagues, managers and partners."

Recognised at a national level for personal development program of the year and wellness program of the year.

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