Working as a graduate accountant in Bendigo

Ellaine is a valued member of our business services team where she works while studying for her Masters in Accounting at La Trobe University.

As an international student, the ability to work in Bendigo alongside her studies offered an opportunity to gain local insight, “I applied for the graduate accountant job because I believe it is perfect for a budding accountant professional like me to start my career while pursuing my master degree in accounting. I get to gain local experience and skills that align with my study plan and career path.”

Commencing at AFS in 2022, Ellaine was assigned a mentor to train and induct her into working at AFS.


“Working with AFS has been a wonderful, insightful and informative experience for me.

“I’ve been learning a lot and gaining local industry experience through the help, supervision and guidance of my seniors and manager. They make sure that I’m learning things that enable me to produce high-quality work and I always enjoy working with them because they make work fun, even though it can be challenging at times.

“Working with them gives me relief that I’m on the right track both with my educational and professional journey. The team is very generous with the knowledge they are sharing with me, they welcome my questions and take the time to make sure that I fully understand the answers.”

Flexible working

In addition to the experience offered, the flexibility AFS makes available to students has helped Ellaine achieve a balance between study and work.

“The flexible working arrangements are perfect as it allows me to juggle work and study. As a full-time postgraduate student, there is always a lot on my plate, from assessments, quizzes and exams, to case studies, reports and presentations. With the flexibility of working from home and sliding working hours, it has been easy for me to manage my time allotted for my studies and to make sure that I’m doing well in my subjects and meeting all my university commitments.”


“The people and culture of AFS are very accommodating and welcoming. Coming from a different background and race, I never felt out of place, left behind or alone. My colleagues offer help, support and guidance to assure that I’m on the right track with my goals and that I feel part of the team.”

Study support

“AFS also allows me to take some time off from work and offer support when there’s a lot to do at university and during my major exams. In addition, my manager is very considerate making sure that I’m not too overwhelmed with the job/task assigned to me when during my busy/crazy times at university.”

If you’re interested in working at AFS while studying, take a look at our vacancy page or email for more information.