Making the most of redundancy

Redundancy can come as a shock but it can also present you with opportunities to take advantage of when you appropriately plan and understand the tax implications. A redundancy payment consists of money in lieu of notice and an incentive payment generally based on years of service and can vary depending on company policy. Read more

Inaugural Girls’ Night In raises $1,000

During November we hosted a Cancer Council Girls’ Night In with the women on AFS and Venture. We were overwhelmed with the level of support this night received and are happy to announce we raised $1,000! Read more

AFS helping to cut government red tape

In November our Business Services Partner Damien Palmer and Senior Manager at Shannon Burdeu met with Matthew Butlin, the Red Tape Commissioner. Read more

Regulating crowdfunding

On 29 September, 2017 crowdfunding came of age in Australia. That was the day the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) introduced a new crowd sourced funding (CSF) regime modelled on those already operating in the US, UK, New Zealand and Singapore. Read more

Backyard building boom

The tax implications of redeveloping your property

With house prices rising and well located land becoming scarce in cities, many Australians are looking for creative ways to tap into the value of their own backyard. Some subdivide, while others take the knock down and rebuild route. Read more

AFS Team Bendigo Bank Fun Run

AFS gets a run for their money

Some thought it couldn’t be beaten, others thought they could beat it themselves, but the Corporate Cup was destined for the AFS/Venture team again in 2017, who claimed it for the fifth year in a row at the annual Bendigo Bank Fun Run. Read more