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JobKeeper Payment deadline extended

ATO extends initial JobKeeper payment deadline The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) announced changes to the JobKeeper deadlines for enrolment and payment requirements, these deadlines are:

Lease agreements – where do you stand as landlord or tenant?

The Prime Minister has announced a Code of Conduct (“the Code”) which outlines a set of principles for commercial landlords and tenants to operate within when negotiating any lease relief for tenants who are experiencing financial stress or hardship during COVID-19. A summary of the principles are: Eligible tenants must have an annual turnover of […]

Determining work travel vs private travel – when can you claim deductions?

Employee transport expenses is a commonly claimed tax deduction, however, many bring Australian Taxation Office (ATO) scrutiny upon themselves due to incorrect recording of deductible travel costs or lack of knowledge in regards to what can be claimed and what cannot be claimed.

Client Update | April 2020

Welcome to our April newsletter. Australia has been hit by devastating natural disasters including drought, fires and floods and is now faced with unprecedented challenges following the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

jobkeeper payments

JobKeeper Payments – everything you need to know | AFS & Associates

Updated 9 June 2020 The JobKeeper Payment Scheme was legislated in April 2020 and will support businesses significantly impacted by COVID-19.

covid19 measures

COVID-19: further clarification on industry restrictions

|| Stage two measures to flatten the curve ||   National Cabinet has expanded a list of banned activities in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.