Our technical experts have extensive experience servicing the manufacturing industry and understand the variety of challenges faced throughout the production process.

We assist clients by providing reliable, ongoing information for both financial and non-financial measures including:

  • Taxation advice and compliance – we can help you to identify practical, effective strategies to help you achieve the best possible taxation outcome
  • Accounting for work in progress – we can assist in identifying the most appropriate methods of accounting for work in progress
  • Business analysis – we can benchmark your business performance against the industry average to become aware of the business areas for improvement
  • Investment in new venture – we can help break down other businesses financials to identify and value the potential business venture
  • Sale of business – Valuation of your business benchmarked against the manufacturing industry using multiple methods to give an accurate snapshot of your business value
  • Working capital/cashflow management – we can help define the most effective short term use of cash in monitoring debtors, creditors and inventory levels
  • Budget/forecasts – we can assist in the preparation of budgets and forecasts for the business to ensure the most accurate vision for the future

Our experience and expertise in the manufacturing industry allows us to assist you and your business in identifying opportunities to improve your production efficiency and optimise your labour and machinery operations. Consistent periodic management reporting is essential to ensuring success for all organisations in the manufacturing industry

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